Free mp3 collection of polish blues records from the 60´.
Sometime ago - I guess around 1967, Maciej Zembaty got an idea: to translate some of his favourite blues pieces into polish. Using his sence of poetry, he took us for a strange trip to Black America.
Beeing in Poland, we just had this feeling to moan, cry and laugh along together with the heroes of the songs.
Then he just invited the elite of polish musicians and made the mix perfect. Here we go with some of the best examples of european jazz and blues...
These were hard times in Poland back then in the sixties - and the songs were never released on vinyl. To broadcast them on the radio (in Poland and in Germany) was all Zembaty could arrange.
That's exactly why I did this website.
Well, I tried to reconstruct the songs from private cassettes and mono-tapes - even if most of them were in a very bad shape. They were digitaly processed to give them the best possible sound. It didn't work very well with all of them - just look at it as museum pieces - and enjoy...

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Maciej Zembaty
Ewa Bem
Andrzej Dabrowski
Maciej Kossowski
Fryderyka Elkana
legal disclaimer: the copyrights for all songs expired 1989 - all are royalty free - it is legal to download them.